Virtual Graduation Ceremony

44th Graduation Ceremony

To the Class of 2021, you will forever hold a special place in the Egerton University family, both for what you accomplished, and what you overcame.

Please join the Chancellor Dr. Narendra Raval (Guru), D.Sc.(hc) EBS as he addresses the Egerton University Class of 2021 graduands and awards diplomas and confers degrees. The Cabinet Secretary for Education or his representative will also address the graduands and celebrate the accomplishments of the Egerton University Class of 2021.


Dr. Narendra Rameshchandra Raval (Guru)

Prof. George A. O. Magoha 

Amb. Simon Nabukwesi

Amb. Dr  Hukka Wario

Prof. Isaac Kibwage

Student Valedictorian

Our student had this to say about this historic event.

Egerton University Alumni

In the spirit of "Sic Donec"

The Chancellor arrives and proceeds to the Chancellor’s Chamber

The Chancellor is introduced to the members of the University Council and the Deans/Directors by the Chairman and the Vice-Chancellor, respectively

Chancellor, Council and Guests robed



Excellence Awards


Award of Diplomas/Conferment of degrees

1. How do I apply to graduate?
All prospective graduands are required to apply for graduation online through their student portal.

2. What is the deadline to apply for graduation?
All relevant Online Graduation Application deadlines can be found on our university website at

3. How much is the graduation fee?
The breakdown and total amount of graduation fee is as follows:

S/No. | Category | Graduation Fees | Alumni Fees | Total Payable Graduation Fees Alumni Fees Total Payable
1. PhD 6,000 1,000 7,000 5,000 1,000 6,000
2. Masters 5,000 1,000 6,000 4,000 1,000 5,000
3. Bachelor 4,500 1,000 5,500 3,500 1,000 4,500
4. Diploma 4,500 1,000 5,500 3,500 1,000 4,500

Note that for virtual graduation, the graduation fee does not include the cost of hiring the graduation attire.

4. How do I know if I am ready to apply to graduate?
Prior to making the Online Graduation Application, make an appointment with your Dean of Faculty to be certain that you are ready to apply for graduation.

5. How do I apply for graduation online?
 Apply for clearance by Finance from the portal under “Clearance application”
 Once cleared by Finance, apply for graduation under “Graduation application” indicating the correct order of names as they should appear in the certificate.
 Pay the Graduation fee as per the account details provided.
 Approval to collect graduation attire will be done online by the respective Faculties and graduation attire issued.
 For postgraduate students, you must be cleared by the Board of Postgraduate Studies.

6. How do I know if I have successfully completed the online graduation application?
Once you have entered all requested information, the Online Graduation Application will display a confirmation page

7. How do I change my Online Graduation Application Information?
After having completed an online application for graduation, you will only be able to access and update information for a limited time. You will therefore need to be keen on the Graduation Application Dated and Deadlines. Students are able to update their records via the Graduation Application.

8. When and where do I collect my graduation attire and what are the requirements?
The office of Registrar (Academic Affairs) will notify the graduands through a notice when to pick the attires from the Dean of Faculty’s office after completing the online application for graduation. Please note the dates for collection from the Graduation Announcement posted on the website.

9. How will I know /confirm whether my name will appear on the graduation list?
By contacting your Dean of Faculty’s office.

10. When will the Graduation list be out?
You will be notified through the Graduation Announcement posted on the website.

11. What could make my name appear on the graduation list from Faculty but fails to appear on the final graduation list posted on the website?
This would mean that the name would have been removed from the list by the Finance office due to outstanding fee balances.

12. Can I be allowed to graduate without clearing fees?
NO, All prospective graduands MUST have zero fee balance to enable them graduate.

13. Must I attend the graduation ceremony to be declared a graduate?
NO. Once you have met all the necessary requirements and your name appears on the graduation list, you are declared a graduate.

14. Must I pay the graduation fee even if I don’t attend the ceremony?
YES. The graduation fee is a mandatory fee in the University.

15. When do we return the graduation attire?
All hired gowns must be returned within two (2) weeks from the graduation date after which a daily penalty of Kes. 500/= will be charged

16. If I am unable to attend the graduation ceremony, Can I still hire my graduation attire?
YES, since is it part of the mandatory fee paid.

17. Will I receive my certificate at the graduation ceremony?
Only PhD graduates receive their certificates during the graduation ceremony. The rest are issued their certificates according to a “Schedule on Certificate Issuance” that is usually posted on the website.

18. Can graduation attire be picked on someone’s behalf?
YES, as long as all the necessary documents required are presented (i.e Graduation attire request form duly filled).

19. Can certificates be picked on someone’s behalf?

YES, upon presentation of letter of authority from the owner (sender) with and copy of identity card of the owner (sender) and sendee (the person to pick the certificate on behalf of the owner).

20. What happens if I pay the graduation fees and my name is removed from the list due to fee arrears?
The graduation fee is carried forward to the next graduation

21. How can we get photographs and videos of the graduation ceremony?
A link will be provided where the same can be downloaded at a fee.

Virtual Graduation Program

Congratulations Messages

Class of 2021 congratulations messages and moments from family, friends and colleagues.



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