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Virtual Graduation Ceremony

42nd Graduation Ceremony

About Graduation

Graduation is the ultimate measure of a student’s success and a significant milestone of every institution. Egerton University has been holding two graduation ceremonies, one in June and the other in November/December every calendar year for the purpose of conferring Degrees and awarding Diplomas of the University. The Egerton University Charter 2013 (4, 2f) outlines the functions and objectives of the University which include conferment of degrees and award of diplomas and certificates. Specifically, the University Statutes gives the Senate the powers to determine how the graduation ceremony takes place, where and when among others (Egerton University Statutes, 2013:44). All students who have met the academic requirements in the past years have graduated timely and that is what the University endeavours. Following the outbreak of Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) in the country, the Government of Kenya(GoK) through the Executive Order Press Statement by His Excellency,President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta on COVID -19, 16th March 2020 (Clause 4 & 5), directed all learning institutions, Universities included, to be closed by March 20, 2020. The Ministry of Health in the Kenya Gazette Supplement No 41 issued on 6th April 2020 (Legal Notice No 50 of The Public Health Act), also gave directives on strict adherence to social distancing prescriptions and other preventive measures. The current COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent ban on public gatherings and social distancing guidelines provided by the GoK to contain it has impacted heavily on universities across Kenya,from widespread closures to physical graduation ceremonies that limit the number of attendees or their outright cancellation. The uncertainty of when the normal services and schedules are likely to resume and the fact that there is no guarantee on how long the current situation will last have compounded the problem. This renders the traditional in-person, physical graduation ceremony where Graduands and their parents congregate at the University unfeasible. There is therefore the need to put in place alternative approaches to ensure extreme caution in operations and consequently minimize physical contact between people. The situation therefore, necessitates a Virtual graduation ceremony. Egerton University, as a world-class university for the advancement of humanity, is determined to ensure the continuity of its graduation traditions while simultaneously seeking to guarantee the safety of its faculty, students and stakeholders during this COVID-19 pandemicperiod. To this end, the graduation ceremony shall be held through the virtual platform, while observing the government directives, to enable the students to graduate and pursue their career goals.


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